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Scatt MX W2 Wireless Shooting Training System

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Scatt MX – W2 is a latest Wireless Shooting Training System in the SCATT MX-series lineup. Live and Dry fire both possible while connected to any mobile/laptop.

You can also practice with the target placed at a reduced distances of any selected discipline.


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Scatt MX W2 Wireless Shooting Training System is the Newest model in the SCATT MX-series lineup. With this system you can practice indoors as well as outdoors. It can read a shot in both in dry-fire mode (no-ammo) and live-fire mode (real shooting). You can also practice with the target placed at a reduced distances of any selected discipline.

This wireless optical sensor can be mounted on a vast majority of guns. MX-W2 syncs with your computer/portable devices via Wi-Fi.  Its battery capacity delivers the minimum of 3 hours of non-stop use. The MX-W2 doesn’t require an electronic target set-up range, all it needs is a regular paper target. You can easily use it at home without any  electronic scoring targets or equipment.

Older Versions

This latest model is very different from the old version because is much more compact. The older version took up much more space and set up time. This is because it required the installation of a different target all together. This, along with a 10M long wire connecting to your device and a SCATT sensor on the barrel made up the whole system.

The next version came without a separate device that had to be attached to the target. It became much more smaller and user-friendly. You only need to attach a SCATT Sensor to the tip of your barrel and connect it to your device. This allows you to do both Live and Dry fire without fear of damaging valuable equipment.

Current Version

The latest version is so compact that you no longer need to connect any wires. It is completely wireless and handy to use. The entire SCATT system is now concentrated in the optical sensor itself.

MX-W2 runs with the newest SCATT Expert software. This cutting-edge program delivers extra performance-analysis tools. The system is guaranteed to stay fully functional while using ammunition up to cal .338.

It is important to note that this equipment is not waterproof and is not intended for use in the rain.*

Contents of SCATT BOX –
  1. Optical Sensor: MX-W2
  2. Iris Diaphragm for the optical sensor’s lens
  3. Mounting prism with parallax compensation screws
  4. Mounting Plate
  5. Hex Key 2.5 mm
  6. Flash Drive with software and user guide
  7. Optical sensor’s charging cable 1.5m
  8. Quick Setup Guide
  9. Warranty Card
  10. Carrying Case
Other Info –
  1. Weight – 0.45 KG
  2. Distance to the Target – From 2.5M to 1000M

Contact us at 70822-33324, if the product is in pre-order status.


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