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Kurt Thune

Maik Eckhardt can be seen as the core of MEC as he used his athletic experience and business aptitude to create this world-famous company.

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This company was established in 1984 and since then has been one of the globally leading developers and producers of shooting equipment. This Finish company makes their Air Rifle Shooting Jackets and Pants from the highest quality materials. These are made solely in their factory in Finland.

However, this is not the only shooting product or equipment that they produce. Kurt Thune also produces shooting gloves and boots that are of the best of quality and are world renowned. All of their products are manufactured from start to end in Finland itself but 90%+ of these products are exported. Kurt Thune has dealers all over the world in over 50 or so countries.

Here is a fun fact about Kurt Thune. They employ 13 expertly trained employees at their factory in Southern Finland who work very hard to make each and every product with extreme care.

Here is some information about Kurt Thune products. Kurt Thune tailors train all of its dealers in taking measurements for shooting jackets and trousers. They also give fit warranty for such custom-made products. They use the best quality cotton, leather and PVC for their products. Their materials are also all regularly tested for quality and then only utilized. They are also constantly working in R&D to find better and more sustainable materials keeping our environment in mind.

Kurt Thune also has a team of experienced shooters who are charged with the testing of all products such as boots, jackets, trousers and gloves. This team has Olympian Henri Hakkinen who holds a number of world records and multiple world cups under his belt.


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