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Target Holder | Pellet Catcher

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Target Holder | Pellet Catcher can be used anywhere for target practice for 10M Air Pistol and Rifle.

Dimensions – 18 Cm x 18Cm (For target holder).

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Target Holder | Pellet Catcher is a unique product that can be installed anywhere. This product can be set up almost anywhere a shooter wishes to practice live shooting.

The best part is that none of the pallets deflect. Instead the design of this product is such that all of them end up being collected in a tray at the bottom. This plate can then be cleaned and emptied by simply pulling it out.

This Target Holder can be installed on a wall just like a photo frame. A shooter simply needs to screw it on to a wall and fire away. This target holder/pellet catcher is very suitable at home ranges for target shooting practice. 10m Air Pistol targets fit in easily and smaller 10M Air Rifle targets can also be used along with a paper cutting in the frame.

However, it is very important to note that whenever firing a weapon one must take utmost care and follow all safety rules.

Dimensions – 18 Cm x 18Cm (For target holder).


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