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Morini Competition Arm SA is a weapons maker, established in 1973.

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Morini Competition Arm SA is a weapons maker, established in 1973. Back then, personalized Pistol Sooters did not have the grips made individually and Morini was a leader in this area. This is why their first ever anatomically designed grips were extremely groundbreaking. At a time when everyone focused on the other mechanical aspects of a Pistol, Morini focused on the Grip as the most important. This was because it was only at the grip where a shoorter was in true contact with his/her weapon.

With such a philosophy in play, Morini became a global success. The first milestone for Morini was when Hammerli AG started to issue their weapons with Morini grips as stand issue. This then resulted in the increase in Morini’s popularity and demand. So, they took the next step and started the production of their first ever Free Pistol – CM 80 in 1980.

In the coming years they shifted their headquarters from Italy to Switzerland. Morini then went on to develop the first every sports pistol with an ecteronic trigger in 1985 called the CM 102E. They were also the first to develop a sports pistol with 200 bar compressed air cylinder as well as an electronic trigger unit.

They continued to innovate and create many such modifications that are now are part of every standard shooting pistol. As such they can be seen as a leading company in furthering the sport we love so much. They still continue to push barriers to better equipment for shooters all over the world.


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