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Maik Eckhardt can be seen as the core of MEC as he used his athletic experience and business aptitude to create this world-famous company.

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Walter Gehmann was a shooting star in the 1930s. But he was never satisfied and so he continued to improve, on his own skills and improve the equipment available to him. This is how his journey began. In 1936 he designed his very first shooting equipment, the Precision Rear-Sight Assembly. He continued to pioneer on and eventually in 1949 he founded his company Gehmann. Walter Gehmann had the outstanding number of about 100 patents in his career.

The company was run by Walter Gehmann for more than 40 years before he passed on the battalion to his son. The company remains a family business and continues to be one of great repute and trust as they continue to come up with innovative products.

This brand is famous for both its Shooting Accessories as well as its Sportswear. Just like brands like Mec + Centra, Gehmann also provides its customers with the best of products and continues to innovate and create new products.

We should also mention some of its bestselling products. The Gehmann Iris Apertures are the most popular amongst Gehmann’s product range. This was Gehmann’s most top shooting accessory product. Let us now look at its most popular sportswear product. The Gehmann 467 Short Glove has been known for providing amazing grip which is why it is very popular among shooters.


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