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Megalink 3D-Score 10

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  • No parallax errors
  • Crossfire detection
  • Bullet speed measurement
  • No rubber or paper band
  • Unique precision
  • Extremely robust
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The 3D Score target is the next generation of electronic targets from Megalink, primarily designed for 10m Air Pistol and Air Rifle. This model uses optical technology to measure the location of the shot on the target, doing away with the requirement for a paper or rubber roll. The measurement area is much deeper than any other optically-based targets, allowing the 3D Score to cater for parallax errors and accurately detect cross-shots. It comes with unique feature of Bullet / pellet speed measurement.                                                                                                                                       .                                 Megalink 3D Score Target is ISSF Phase I and II Test approved.

• Integrated adjustable LED illumination
• Detection area : 180x180mm
• Designed for 10m Air Pistol and Air Rifle • Stand or wall mounted with pellet trap •  Steel protection with rubber suspension
between target and protection plate
ensures optimal protection of target /
illumination from steel plate hits.


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