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The Psyche of the Shot

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The Psyche of the Shot – Sport Psychology and Competition by Heinz Reinkemeier & Gaby BuhlmannIn decisive moments, it’s our psyche that tips the balance. Whether you achieve your goal or not is dependent on your thoughts and feelings, and on your behavior most of all. This book is a guide to how you can systematically prepare for tournaments and other stressful moments. It contains 1,000 pictures, 200 exercises, a 6-week training plan and audio files on the techniques of psychological regulation.This book has helped many players of both rifle and pistol events overcome the problem of match pressure and talks about many detailed practices in which a player can train themselves mentally and overcome many mental obstacles which come in your way.We would call it a perfect book for Mental Training for shooting sports and to understand the psychology of shooting sport.If you want to work more on Mental Training then you may also register for our Mental Training Workshop – Bullet Proofing your Mind. Just click here to fill in your contact details and we will send your more information about the workshop and our upcoming batches. This workshop is held by one of India’s renowned coach and mental trainer, Aman.Fill out your details by clicking here.


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