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Match Box

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The Match Box by Shooter Paaji is a durable plastic case designed to securely store 100 – .177 caliber air pellets. It features a unique tray mechanism and foam lining to prevent pellet movement, making it perfect for competition and practice. With superior durability and stylish designs, it’s a must-have for shooting athletes.


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The Match Box by Shooter Paaji is essential for shooting athletes, designed to securely store and transport .177 caliber air pellets. Crafted from high-quality, durable plastic, this match box withstands rigorous use. This match box for air pellets stores up to 100 pellets in a specially designed tray, ensuring each pellet stays secure to avoid damage.

The inner tray features a unique mechanism allowing vertical movement. When pushed down, pellets seat neatly into their individual holes, and the box closes securely. The foam lining in the upper part prevents pellet movement, ensuring they remain in perfect condition during transport.

Ideal for 10m air rifle and 10m air pistol shooting athletes, this Match Box is designed for competitions and practice matches. Shooters can select and store their best pellets for optimal performance. The Shooter Paaji Match Box stands out for its superior durability – the inner tray remains intact even when bent, showcasing its robust construction.

Additionally, the Match Box comes with unique top designs, offering a stylish and distinctive look uncommon in the shooting community. It’s an essential tool for both performance and aesthetics, making it a standout choice for serious shooters.

Moreover, the Match Box’s design ensures that the pellets are always in optimal condition, preventing any potential jostling or damage. This attention to detail makes it a valuable accessory for maintaining pellet quality and ensuring consistent performance during shooting events.

The Shooter Paaji Match Box not only prioritizes functionality but also aesthetics, with its unique and attractive designs. This blend of practicality and style makes it a preferred choice among shooting athletes who value both performance and appearance. With its robust build and thoughtful design, the Match Box by Shooter Paaji is an investment in quality and reliability for any serious shooter.


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