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MEC Dryfire Bumper .22 lr (5 Pcs)

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During the first repeating operations, the shutter force is increased. This is necessary for the desired function: The pre-compression of the rubber material causes the “case base” to bulge into the through bore of the firing pin. This increases the stopping distance of the firing pin and increases the service life due to the pretensioning of the material. After the first repeating operations, the MEC Dryfire Bumper .22lr adapts somewhat to the respective system and the locking force becomes somewhat lower.

Based on the higher contact force, slightly higher normal forces are generated on the bolt nipples of the lock. With sufficient lubrication, there is no increased wear on the weapon.

With MEC Dryfire Bumper .22 lr, a complete bolt action is only necessary after approx. 10 dry clicks. Prior to this, a slight extraction from the chamber is sufficient to re-cock the firing pin. After approx. 10 dry clicks, a rotation of the MEC Dryfire Bumper .22 lr of min. 15° is necessary. With this procedure, MEC Dryfire Bumper .22 lr is suitable for approx. 200 dry clicks.


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