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Mec Starline Comfort Complete Frame

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This product is available in both left and right handed versions. The product includes a MEC glass support system which is present in both 23mm and 37mm. Along with this it also has a MEC nose piece and an adjustable side piece blinder. This product adheres to all ISSF guidelines as well. According to Mec, Quality and good advice are trumps when it comes to shooting glasses. The older a shooter gets, the more precarious the situation. The eyesight declines, the eyes get tired more quickly. A clear sight-picture becomes ever harder to obtain. Scores, and the pleasure of participation in sport, suffer.About 50 % of shooters use glasses. Anyone buying for the first time needs to make careful choices. We recommend using opticians who have specialised in the shooting sports. The ideal place to adjust the glasses and the correcting lens is on the shooting range, because looking through a sight is somewhat different to reading the paper or driving a car. There are many factors to be considered when making a choice of shooting glasses. Do you only shoot in one position, or are you a three-positions shooter – or even one who shoots rifle and pistol in all disciplines? The considerations when choosing and positioning the lens are no less important. You can find all that you need to know on these topics in our books on rifle and pistol shooting.Choose a high-quality frame that can be easily, accurately and repetitively readjusted. The lighter the frame, the more comfortable it will be when you are in position. The lens itself needs to be positioned as close to the eye as possible, in order that the intended correction actually takes place. In position, the line of sight must intersect the lens at 90 degrees and pass through the centre of the glass, as the lens only transmits the desired amount of light in its optical centre.Three-positions shooters, or those who participate in many disciplines, need to look for a lens-holder that is easy to change. This allows you to ‘save’ the set-up for each discipline and change over at a moment’s notice.Call or Whatsapp us at 70822-33324 to know about the exact delivery time for this product. We usually deliver this frame between 1 to 3 weeks depending on the availability.


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