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Sauer Shoe Stretcher

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Your shooting shoes are critical for stability and accuracy during rifle competitions 🎯 Keep them in top form with these easy maintenance tips and elevate your marksmanship game.

Do not walk with your shooting shoes
Walking with your shooting shoes can reduce its stiffness and make them less sturdy. This can mess with your shoe’s angle.

Use a shoe stretcher
Using a shoe stretcher after practice can increase the life of your shooting shoes. It also helps you to straighten any bends.

Keep dust off the sole
Excess amount of dirt or dust under your shoes can make them slippery. Keeping them clean will increase their grip.


Out of stock



The shoe stretcher was specially developed by Sauer for shooting boots and shoes. It keeps the sole of your shooting shoe flat for years, giving you a perfect stance at all times. The shoe stretcher is made of stainless aluminum. Its adjustment for the shoe is very easy but efficient. The Sauer shoe stretcher is suitable for all sizes and brands of footwear


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