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Peltor Bull’s Eye I Protective Earmuff

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Discover superior hearing protection with the Peltor Bull’s Eye I Protective Earmuff by 3M PELTOR. Perfect for 10m air pistol shooting, skeet, and trap events, these earmuffs offer unmatched comfort, high noise reduction, and stylish design, ensuring you stay focused and protected during every shooting session.

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Introducing the Peltor Bull’s Eye I Protective Earmuff , a top-tier hearing protection solution crafted by 3M PELTOR specifically for shooting enthusiasts. Ideal for 10m air pistol shooting, skeet, and trap events, these earmuffs are designed to deliver comfort, protection, and style in one sleek package.

Key Features and Benefits

Designed for Shooters

The Peltor Bull’s Eye I earmuffs cater to the unique needs of shooters, offering excellent hearing protection while maintaining a comfortable fit. Though 10m air rifle shooters may prefer ear plugs, these earmuffs are a favorite among air pistol, skeet, and trap shooters.

Superior Comfort

Equipped with wide, soft cushions, these earmuffs ensure long-lasting comfort, allowing shooters to wear them for extended periods without discomfort. The foldable design makes them easy to store and transport, ensuring your hearing protection is always within reach.

High Noise Reduction

With an impressive noise reduction rating of 27 dB, these earmuffs effectively reduce loud noises, safeguarding your hearing while allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings. This balance of protection and awareness is crucial for safe and effective shooting.

Stylish and Practical

Available in various colors to suit your aesthetic preferences, the Peltor Bull’s Eye I earmuffs not only perform exceptionally but also look great. This variant is particularly popular for its sleek, professional appearance.

Safety and Quality

These earmuffs are CE approved, meeting stringent safety standards to ensure reliable performance. Whether you’re a hunter, competitive shooter, or someone seeking excellent hearing protection, the Peltor Bull’s Eye I earmuffs are a dependable choice.

Usage Tips:

  1. Ensure Proper Fit: Adjust the earmuffs to fit snugly over your ears for optimal noise reduction.
  2. Store Safely: Fold and store the earmuffs in a dry place to maintain their condition.
  3. Regular Maintenance: Clean the cushions regularly to ensure comfort and hygiene.

Why Choose Peltor Bull’s Eye I Protective Earmuffs?

  1. Trusted Brand: 3M PELTOR is renowned for its high-quality protective gear.
  2. Proven Performance: Used by shooters worldwide, these earmuffs are known for their reliability.
  3. Comfort and Style: Enjoy prolonged use without discomfort, thanks to the ergonomic design and stylish options.

Invest in the Peltor Bull’s Eye I Protective Earmuff for unmatched hearing protection and comfort. You should ensure your ears are safeguarded in every shooting scenario and enjoy peace of mind. Opt for excellence by selecting the Peltor Bull’s Eye I, offering unparalleled performance, unwavering comfort, and unmatched style.

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