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MEC Visor

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The MEC Visor offers feather-light protection from scattered light rays, making it ideal for shooters. Made from durable neoprene, it can be easily molded into any desired shape, providing customizable comfort and effectiveness.


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The MEC Visor is a versatile and lightweight accessory designed to enhance the shooting experience by providing effective protection from scattered light rays. Constructed from high-quality neoprene, this visor combines durability with flexibility, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of shooters.

Key Features

  • Feather-Light Protection: The MEC Visor is designed to offer light protection from scattered light rays, helping shooters maintain focus.
  • Customizable Shape: Its neoprene construction allows the visor to be molded into any desired shape, providing a personalized fit and maximum comfort.


The lightweight nature of the MEC Visor ensures it does not add unnecessary bulk, allowing shooters to wear it comfortably for extended periods. Its customizable shape feature allows each shooter to adjust the visor to their specific needs, enhancing overall effectiveness.

Product Information

  • Material: High-quality neoprene
  • Adjustability: Can be molded into any desired shape
  • Weight: Feather-light for maximum comfort

Ideal For

  • Sports shooters
  • Outdoor shooting in varying light conditions
  • Shooters seeking customizable and durable eye protection

Usage and Care

  • Easy Maintenance: The neoprene material is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various shooting disciplines, including rifle and pistol shooting.

Comparison with Other Visors

The MEC Visor stands out for its feather-light design and customizable shape, offering a unique combination of comfort and effectiveness. Compared to other visors, it provides a more personalized fit, making it an excellent choice for shooters who value both flexibility and protection.

Enhance your shooting performance with the MEC Visor, offering feather-light protection and customizable comfort. Order now and ensure your focus remains sharp during critical shooting moments.


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