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H&N Sport .177 Cal, 8.18 Grains, 4.50mm

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H&N Sport .177 Cal, 8.18 Grains, Wadcutter (500 Pellets) H & N SPORT Air Pellets especially made for ambitious hobby shooters. Available for both air rifle and pistol. The weight of the air pellets is 8.18 grains. They are well known for high accuracy with excellent value for money for hobby shooters. Inexpensive training pellet for ambitious hobby shooters looking for a pellet to provide smooth shooting.Expert and professional shooters prefer higher version of pellets like H&N sport, RWS R10 or QYS.Caliber 4,5mm/.177Head Size : 4.5mmWeight (Grains) : 8.18grShape : Wadcutter NoseOne Tin Contains 500 Pellets


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