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H&N Finale Match Heavy Pellets .177 cal.

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H&N Finale Match Heavy Pellets offer top-tier accuracy for 10m air rifle shooting. Trusted by world champions and Olympic winners, these hand-sorted pellets provide consistent performance for serious shooting athletes.


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H&N Finale Match Heavy Pellets are crafted for competitive shooting, particularly in 10m air rifle and 10m air pistol events. Known for their maximum dimensional and weight accuracy, these pellets ensure uniform size, weight, and shape. The special Match alloy minimizes lead fouling and provides consistent shot spreads, resulting in tight shot groups and clean-cut bullet holes. Available in head sizes 4.49mm and 4.50mm, these pellets meet the high standards required for top-level competitions.

Key Features of H&N Finale Match Heavy Pellets:

  1. Top Competition Quality: Designed for maximum accuracy and consistency.
  2. Special Match Alloy: Reduces lead fouling and maintains shot spreads.
  3. Hand Sorted: Ensures uniformity and precision.
  4. Multiple Head Sizes: Available in 4.49mm and 4.50mm for different barrels.
  5. Olympic-Grade Performance: Used by world champions and Olympic winners.


  • Caliber: .177 cal.
  • Weight: 8.18 gr
  • Min. Muzzle Energy: 5.5 ft.lbs
  • Max. Distance: 10 m
  • Content of Tin: 500 pcs.


Tested to achieve a hole diameter of just 5mm at 10 meters with a fixed barrel, these pellets ensure reliable “10” shots. Each air rifle has unique barrel characteristics, so testing with a specialist can optimize performance.

“These pellets are among the highest quality available and have been used by many Olympic players. Despite losing popularity in India due to availability issues, they are now accessible and should be tested by all players to see if they suit their needs.”

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