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Innerwear Guidelines


This document will delve into various types of shooting innerwear and provide a brief overview of their advantages and disadvantages. Our aim is to help you identify which type of innerwear best suits your needs.

Kurt Thune(moderately used innerwear)

COLDWINNER: Coldwinner is an exceptional innerwear option that regulates body temperature effectively in both cold and warm weather conditions. It features strategically placed padding on the back of the sleeves, shoulder area, and front of the chest without adding unnecessary bulk where it’s not required. The twin-layer design offers optimal comfort and minimizes the impact of the pulse from the sling in prone/kneeling positions, as well as the pressure from the elbow on the body in standing positions. Top shooters highly recommend COLDWINNER for its excellent comfort and temperature control properties.

Price:15,000 – 20,000/-


KT thin Innerwear: KT Sport underwear is designed for shooters who prefer a thin and skin-tight fit. It is made of elastic and seamless material, which eliminates any pressure points. The underwear also has the ability to wick away moisture from the skin and dries quickly. It is suitable for use in both cold and warm weather conditions. KT Sport underwear can be worn with their Coldwinner innerwear or Classic sweater when shooting under ISSF underwear thickness rules.

Price: 10,000 – 15,000/-


 Sauer(highly recommended and most used innerwear)

Technical innerwear: this one of the most preferred innerwear by the top athletes. This inners are relatively thinner compared to others but its highly breathable and great for all kind of weather. The one thing that make this innerwear stands apart is the silver lining embedded in them they helps keep the body bacteriostatic and maintain the natural balance of the skin. It is made without annoying longitudinal seams, and the specially woven fabric provides support for muscles where necessary and extra mobility where needed. This one of the best inner wear if you’re looking for a thin and comfortable one and is highly recommended if you’re planning invest in a good innerwear.

Price 10,000-20,000/-