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WiseLife Yoga Stretch Belt/Strap – Navy Blue

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HELPS TO HOLD POSES LONGER: Sustain proper form in poses for longer time, holding posture will become easier, whether you are beginner, advanced or pro, men or womenIDEAL FOR: Lightweight and portable strap, perfect for yoga, pilates, daily exercise, or physical therapy, helps increase your strength and endurance, assists with hard-to-reach poses, improve flexibility and add challenge to workoutsHIGH QUALITY, STRONG & STURDY: Strong elastic design enables a highly effective contract-relax stretch & gives support for a more comfortable static stretchSTRONG GRIP: This strap is made of high quality thick and reinforced cotton and has an adjustable Steel buckle. Steel buckles are strong and can be adjusted and snugly secured for various poses and alignmentsEASE OF YOGA: Wiselife’sYoga straps fits comfortably in your hands and around your feet.Stretch exercise straps keeps your body in a better shape to withstand intensive exercise and improved range of motion, enhanced muscle recovery, reduced risk of injury


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