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MEC Contact IV Buttplate, in essence, is a shooting accessory that is designed to provide precision, flexibility, stability, durability, compatibility, and user convenience, making it a comprehensive and effective tool for shooters.

1. Height Adjustments with Millimeter Precision: Users can finely adjust the height in millimeters while maintaining their shooting position, allowing for a customized and comfortable shooting stance with a help of a rotating shaft.

2. Dual-Joint Wings, Variable in Angle and Distance: The wings feature dual joints, allowing for flexible adjustments in both angle and distance. This adaptability caters to individual preferences and shooting styles.

3. Smaller Wing Areas, Movable in Height, Side, and Rotation: The smaller wing areas are versatile, offering adjustments in height, side movement, and rotation. This adaptability ensures suitability for different shooting conditions and user preferences.

4. Secure Positioning with Notch System: The notch system ensures a secure and stable positioning of all elements within the accessory, enhancing reliability during use.

5. High-Stress Functions and Adjustments in Stainless Steel: Critical components subjected to high stress are crafted from stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

6. Hooks for Small Bore Accessible, High Power Compatible: The accessory features accessible hooks designed for small bore compatibility and high-power settings. This versatility makes it suitable for various shooting applications.

7. Convenient Access to All Screws, Clear Design: Easy access to adjustment screws is facilitated by a clear design. This user-friendly feature allows quick modifications to be made seamlessly.

8. Compatible with all common match rifles. Also, suitable for the following disciplines: offhand air rifle, 3-position and shooting air rifle off a rest.


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