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MEC Centra Barrel Cleaning Rod

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MEC Centra Barrel Cleaning Rod: Precision meets ease. With a handle boasting multiple ball bearings, non-abrasive plastics-coating, and a greased, ergonomic design, this rod ensures efficient, gentle cleaning for small bore rifles. Trusted by world champions in ISSF competitions.


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MEC Centra Barrel Cleaning Rod is a high-quality cleaning rod designed to meet stringent standards and make a menial task like barrel cleaning hassle free. Given below are some key points that add a feather to the hat.

1. Cleaning Rod for Highest Claims: This suggests that the cleaning rod is designed to meet the most demanding standards, indicating its suitability for precision cleaning and maintenance tasks.

2. Handle with Multiple Ball Bearings: The handle of the cleaning rod is equipped with multiple ball bearings. This design feature likely ensures smooth rotation and manoeuvrability during the cleaning process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. This means that the rod will twist according to the need irrespective of you rotating it with your hand.

3. Special Non-Abrasive Plastics-Coating: The cleaning rod has a coating made from a non-abrasive type of plastic. This coating is crucial to prevent any damage to the bore of the firearm while cleaning. It ensures that the cleaning process is effective without causing unnecessary wear to the barrel.

4. Ergonomically Designed Wooden Handle, greased: The handle of the cleaning rod is crafted with an ergonomic design, likely shaped for comfortable and efficient use. Additionally, the mention of being greased suggests that the handle is lubricated, possibly to further enhance ease of use and to ensure smooth movement during operation. Purpose: This cleaning rod is built with features that prioritize precision, user comfort, and protection of the firearm’s bore during the cleaning process. Suitable for all small bore rifles used in 50M 3P Shooting. Many world champions are seen using this in ISSF World Cups and other championships.


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